Welcome to my Elvis Tribute!



Well I made it to the final of this course!
Here we were instructed to incorporate a few of the things we have learnt.
These include:

  1. A themed set of 4-5 pages
  2. Coloured matching scrollbar on each page
  3. One applet
  4. One trailing mouse/cursor
  5. Dividers
  6. Navigation on each page
  7. One banner linked to an external page
  8. One Image Map or Image Slice, linked or not.

So I thought it only fitting that I use one of my all time favourite subjects!
'The King' - Elvis A Presley!

If you hover over the navigation menu on the top left of this page you will find a range of Elvis sites.


Please click on the banner below to visit the Official Elvis Site.


Here is an image map. Please click on next to view the remaining pages.

Lesson 19 My Portfolio Page Lesson 20a

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