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This drop down menu comes courtesy of BoogieJack.com
He has a whole heap of other goodies too.

This page is all about JavaScripts and CSS Coding.The thing about scripts is they can get rather addictive but you have to be careful because some, when used, actually nullify others. Too many on a page can make it rather heavy and slow. You also don't want too many distractions. It took quite a while to put together, in fact I couldn't get even my first one to work!!!! but as you can see it finally came together. The searching for different scripts and deciding what I actually wanted to do is what took the longest. The script for the EasterTrailer Cursor is Copyright (c) 2000 Peter Gehrig and Urs Dudl. You can visit them here.
Actually I find the trailing cursors really annoying but this one is ok because it comes back together when you stop your cursor! I chose not to use the ".gif" image that came with the script but made my own.
The crosshair cursor script and the scroll bar are from dynamic drive.

My status bar scrollling message is by M.Millsom but for the life of me I can't remember where I found it. Sorry.

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